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Aloha_dress Are you asking yourself how one person could possibly need all those clothes that keep coming out of her own personal sweatshop?  Well unbeknowst to you, I got a new job (merchandising for a catalog company–starting in TWO weeks) and for the first time in EIGHT years, I have a job where I don’t wear a uniform.  Yup, no more flight attendant gray and blue, no more cafe black jeans and T shirts.  I can actually wear whatever I want.  They really don’t care as there is NO dress code, so I suppose I can wear my flight attendant uniform or coffee stained jeans.  Would I do that – no – when I can make fun new summer dresses!

TAlohahis aloha print dress (can you see now why they say not to wear prints and stripes for photographs-yea-ow) was super easy, just like the pattern said.  I’d guess it took about 8 hours to make and used no advanced sewing skills.  It’s hard to see with the print, but there are no side seams, in front there are princess seams and the front draped piece is gathered to make a nice curve right where your tummy is.  If this is a part of your body you want to hide, this is a good dress for you.  It’s actually a neat piece of pattern making, showing that even "easy" patterns can teach you a trick or two.

I didn’t make any changes with the pattern, just a few added sewing details.  The directions don’t have you understitch the neck facing to keep them from rolling outwards (hate that), so I understitched that facing and topstitched with a double needle.  I also double needle topstitched the sleeves and hem to give it a finished look.  I love the double needle and it’s my understanding that just about any straight stitch machine can take a double needle as long as the neKnit_dress_1edle throat plate is big enough for it to pass through so it doesn’t break (duh).  If you want to work with knits, that double needle is the way to go, it gives a polished look with a stretchy seam.

  • Pattern specs:
  • Pattern:  New Look #6429
  • Fabric:  Stretch knits only, 60" wide, 2 1/8 yards

Now for my next sewing project…actually, I’ve got that all picked out.  Summery dress, whimsical print and COTTON!  After wrestling with a poly knit I want an easy cotton to work with.  Stay tuned.


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  1. You look great! I love how the things you sew fit you so well. I guess that is the whole point, isn’t it? Congratulations on the new job! Is it a company in your town? If so, I am very, very envious.

  2. Woohoo for the new job and CUTE clothes! I just tried on a similar dress at Nordy’s and thought NO freakin way am I paying 250 smackers for 2.5 yards of poly knit….
    and BINGO, here’s the pattern!
    I be shufflin’ in the mommymobile too after your eggsellent idea about the adapter…had no idea there was one for the shuffle šŸ˜‰
    I’m off to the fabric store….with a stop for APPLE accesories,
    thanks again!

  3. Okay, Silvia, that dress is super cute and now I want to make one too. I feel the need to visit the fabric store tomorrow. And congrats on the new job!

  4. Gorgeous, I love it. I must say though 8 hours for a simple sewing project sounds like a long time to me. I’m a really impatient person when it comes to sewing, if it takes more than a couple of hours then I’m not going to do it! Well done on the job as well…

  5. That dress is SOOO cute. And it looks fabulous on you. Congrats on the new job!
    When I worked at a coffee shop, I had a whole separate section of my closet dedicated to the coffee stained clothes…

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