Orange Nipper

Sleeve_me Jenn of Nipper fame had a contest a while back and I correctly guessed her hair color of the moment.  For my rather meager effort, I received a beautiful skein of Lorna’s Laces Grace in the Poppy colorway!  It hardly seemed fair, but I snatched that right up.  Damn skippy.  And please don’t worry, I only use my psychic gifts for good.  Thanks Jenn!

Now I had one skein of loopy mohair/wool blend yarn…hmmm…one skeSleeve_backin…hey One Skein Wonder!  I figured that this would be a great yarn for that little project, but I didn’t quite have enough boucle to make it.  I rooted around the yarn/fabric garage and found some pink mohair from heaven knows where and overdyed it orange with some Koolaid.  That worked out fine and the kitchen smelled so orangey!  Plus the orange stripe matched my orange capri pants so well.  I wonder if the capri pant manufacturers also used orange Koolaid as their dye?  Proabably not, the workers would get too thirsty in the factory and start demanding breaks.

Belt Now you’re thinking, that’s enough orange craftiness for one person.  But you know that my orange craft obsession is much more entrenched than that people.  I’ve been particularly enjoying a ribbon belt from Target and was noticing that this belt could be easily duplicated by crafily impaired Girl Scouts.  I got some d-rings and ribbon at the fabric store and hacked off a length of ribbon that was approximately equal to the Target belt (1.25 yd).  I sewed the d-ring to one end and hemmed the other end and voila!  Fashion accessory.  Sure, I’m not certified as non-sweat shop labor, but heck–it’s orange and real cheap!


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  1. That looks great! I’m so loving this one skein wonder thing. I’m definitely going to have to make one. How do you like the Grace? I’m thinking about making another Slippery Nipper in it. Should I?

  2. So what fabric store did you get the d-rings? I’ve been looking all over, even hardware stores, and cannot come up with d-rings large enough for a belt. Which I knit. In entrelac. So I really want to start wearing it!

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