Hot Sweater

Pink_silk Despite the temperature hitting the 90 degree mark here, I finished a sweater.  Sure I won’t need it for a bit, but the fog may roll back in and let me take it out for a spin.

This gorgeous sweater is made of Gypsy from Artfibers.  I used six balls of yarn and it’s 100% silk, so light and fluffy it pained me to take it off my sweaty body.  The pattern was free with the purchase of the yarn and sized for me and adapted for my gauge.  It was spot on, how nice not to have to calculate ratios and the like to get the right measurements.  Now I’ll be out back looking for fog…

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  1. wonderful! Wow you finished that quickly. I was knitting my cleaves this evening, and thinking “why am I knitting this in this heat?” Hopefully, I can do as you did, and finish it up and just hope for cooler weather 🙂

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