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Tivoli_silDo you people know how much I care about your delicate sensibilities?  I’ll bet you have no idea.  I finished this lovely Tivoli T-shirt yesterday but when I went to photograph my accomplishment this evening, I was horrified by the no bra boobies and big ole bread belly full up of my dinner of Grace Baking Pugliese, Emmentaler and salad.  Because I care about you people, really care, I found a bra, and twisted myself up like a snake to hide the bread belly.  I did not take off my obnoxious pj bottoms (I made those too though) or try to hide where the steam iron sphplooped during the steaming/blocking.  Yes, your idol does have feet of clay.

What the heck is this quickie project your inquiring mind wants to know?  This is the Tivoli t-shirt from Grumperina.  This is an easy top, knit in the round from the top down and it’s FREE!  Yup, Grumperina (aka Kathy) has come up with a winner here.  This top is all about negative ease so if you knit it, remember to make it SMALL enough.  Negative ease is your friend here people – I used the 31" top for my 34.5" bazoombas.  I used Rowan Calmer, 3 balls, in the Sour colorway.  I changed that name to Margarita immediately and can now see why you all rhapsodize over this yarn.  I adore it and would love to make a cardie out of it.  It’s stretchy and light and comes in yummy colors, the downside is the $11.50/skein price tag.  That means I’ll have to save some pennies for that future Calmer project.  My own personal jury is still out on the edges.  They’re going to curl, a bit doesn’t bother me, but too much is annoying.  Melissa did a single crochet edge to give it a bit of stability, so I’ll wear it to work tomorrow and see how it goes.  Too curly whoorly and I’ll have to resort to the hook.


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  1. that is quite loverly m’dear. have you tried the philosophy “margarita” shampoo/body gel? it is awesome and exactly the color of your top!!!

  2. Bazoombas. Tee hee!
    The Tivoli looks fantastic! I love it. Gotta make myself one of them. I bet the Calmer compliments the negative ease very well.

  3. It looks fabulous! One of these days I’ll make one for me. As for cheaper Calmer – there is a fab ebay seller that sells it for $8 and her shipping is reasonable and fast. Her id is “4to4”

  4. I don’t see any bread belly! It looks really great on you, but, um, didn’t you just hear about the Tivoli a couple days ago? You are too speedy.

  5. I’m so glad to see that picture and the way it fits. I’m about the same measurements (well, widthwise, even if I’m about half your height), and I was worried that the 31″ version would be too small. I’m making mine out of Austermann Mayfair, 100% microfiber from elann, and the whole thing costs less than one ball of Calmer. Not exactly the same result, a bit more sheen, but feels similar.

  6. That is fab. Not so sure how it would look with my “army guy” arms, but I might try it, since I just happen to have three balls of Calmer left over in that grasshopper green I am so sick — I mean fond — of. I like your sour apple color better. And let’s not talk about bread bellies.

  7. OK That ends it!! I HAVE to make one now… Now to decide on the yarn (and colour) for sure. Calmer sure sounds nice and I have similar measurements so it should work.
    thanks for all the jealousy inspiration 🙂

  8. First…the top looks fantastic, you are SO talented! I adore the color and it looks like just the thing for summer.
    Second…bread belly? Okay, wanna trade?
    Third…DANG now I need to make one. *sigh* scribble one more onto the to do list. How do you make these things so doggone fast? You’re amazing.

  9. I love it! Looks great.
    I just bought Jo Sharp Soho Summer in ‘Java’ for the tivoli last week. I was worried that the 31″ was going to be too small, but since we have the same size bazoombas (that made me giggle ;)), there should be no problem.
    I have a bit more than a bread belly though!

  10. This is gorgeous! I also have a 34″ chest and was trying to figure out what size to do. The pattern has finished sizes 28 and 32, though. (Not 31..?) Which one did you do? The smallest size, or the next to smallest? Thanks a lot for your advice. 🙂 Lovely job!!

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