Devilish blue dress…

Blue_dress Because the knitting I’ve got to share isn’t really that exciting (yet–hopefully), I’ll start with the boobs.  Yup, more on the knitting blog about bazoombas.  So I’ve got to get a strapless bra to go with a nice chiffon dress that I’d be wearing later that day, and I’m faced with a dilemma.  The bra is the same price a whole new dress (albeit on sale)?!?  What would you do?  Also, please bear in mind that it will close to 100 and an outdoor gathering.  Oh you knew, I got that devil of a blue dress and wore NO bra.  Another margarita please.

So, enough of the boobage talk.  It’s a knitting blog for jiminy’s sake.  I began the re-knit of the Phildar Plaisance that I’d ripped out of the sweater dubbed by a faithful reader as the "Alien Belly" cardie.  I began the back of the raglan sleeve pullover I’d selected from the Phildar Tendances Back magazine.  A quick aside as I get heaps of questions about where I procure these Phildar magazines, I get them at Knit N Tyme in Canada.  I am not affiliated with this business, but have been more than happy with their great service.  As an even farther aside at this juncture, Knit N Tyme has the NEW Fall Phildar magazine available translated at the end of July.  Yes, mine’s already on order…  Anywhooo, the exciting knitting you see to your right is the 2 x 2 ribbing that is to be the back.  Yeah, contain your excitement, an entire back piece of ribbing.  Yawn.  Luckily, I’ve got my bra adventures to fall back upon for their undoubted entertainment value.


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  1. That is a very sexy dress. What about a pic of you IN the dress, held-up boobs or no?
    BTW, I note that that bra does NOT come in my size. Just sayin’.

  2. there was a girl at lollapalooza yesterday wearing a perfectly normal shirt that a regular bra would have been fine under. she however chose to wear flower shaped stick on bras. i call them bras plural as there were two of them one for each. i saw them when she pulled her shirt aside to show her friend. whatever wackjobs!! but now i realize it was fate showing me the answer to your problems. surely the stick on jobbies do not cost $30. go get them instead! 🙂

  3. Well, I have to vote for spending the cash on the bra. I don’t think 30 bucks is too much to spend on the porch, when it’s gotta last the life of the house, ya know? Of course, I would recommend checking out Vickies for a convertible bra that fits well, so you could wear it more and get your money out of it. But i am a bra whore, and spend too much money at VS anyway.

  4. I’m always for no bra, but I have a really small chest. And it’s damn hot here. It’s just easier to skip the bra altogether. In addition, you will totally be rocking tha t dress and no one will notice that you’re braless.
    The color of that Phildar is really great. Even if it is just ribbing.

  5. love the dress would your share where you got it? And yes I am the same size boobally speaking and braless in this type of dress and heat is a must!

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