Ride ’em Cowgirl

Sammy_inside_1Sammy_backSammy_bag_1 When a friend of mine showed me the cute cowgirl material  she’d been wondering what to do with, I just had to offer to make her a bookbag.  We decided to use the cowgirls for the lining and I picked up a bit of upholstery remnant for a few bucks.  I preshrunk the whole thing, since I don’t get the point of a bookbag/purse you can’t wash, and sewd ‘er up!  There’s no pattern, just figure out how big you want it (a bit bigger than a magazine in my case) and how long to make the strap and start cutting.

Aren’t those the sexiest cowgirlies ever? 


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  1. Giddy-ap! Look at all this fab knitting and sewing that’s been going on while I’ve been on vaca! It all looks great, Sil.
    P.S. I’ve got a little something heading on its way to you tomorrow šŸ™‚

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