Looks like yarn corn


So you want to see what that string with knobbies (aka Phildar Reliefs) looks like when it gets knit up?  I think it looks like a field of popcorn–albeit green popcorn.  The string is a shiny white and the knobbies are white on one side and pistache on the other.  The sweater I’m making is pictured yonder and is from the Phildar catalog is in the Amazonie colorway–rather a darker green.  Me, I’m partial to the pistache (or as BM would say- pLimey).Relief_sweater

So far so good with this odd little yarn.  I though it would be much more difficult to knit up, but you just need to trust that the knobs will behave and just knit mindlessly.  The instructions for the sweater note that it is difficult to cast on neatly with this yarn (no shit) so I procured some Lion Brand Micro Spun in white with which to cast on (and eventually cast off).  That worked fine, and I learned that the Micro Spun would drive me to distraction with its splittiness if I had to use it for a whole garment.  It’s a shame, as it’s a nice feeling yarn and almost free.  The above Phildar sweater is knit all in one piece.  I cast on for the front and you knit straight up to the armpit area, where on increases stitches to make sleeves.  I’ve not read ahead to discover how the head hole is made yet, but I’m amused by this ingenious technique with a yarn that would be a bear to seam up the traditional sweater construction way.  You go Phildar!

I’m off to Vegas tomorrow a.m. (w/ my boss) to go to Magic and WWIN–2 huge trade shows for the fashion/rag trade.  I’m looking forward to the spectacle, but I’ll probably be overwhelmed in ten minutes.  Too many people, too much stuff and too much schmoozing.  Well as they say, that’s why I get paid the small dollars…

It’s a bird…

Turqu1 It’s a plane…it’s a FO!  Yup, I finally finished something!  After weeks and weeks of sitting around, I finally invested the last hour in this project and finished this top.  Sadly, after all that procrastinating and easy sewing, I don’t really like Turq2it as is.  I chose to make the top out of polyester, which in this case is very soft and fluid.  Unfortunately, it’s not firm enough to make a nice ruche, it’s more of a drape.  It may also be a function of shortening the pattern about 4 inches, so it wouldn’t swarm over my hips in an unflattering way–hopefully.

I was thinking over the drape issue at the gym today and I thought of a solution.  Instead of tying the ribbons together at the ends in a bow, I’ll ruche the ribbons and sew them in place, separately and then have ruched SPLIT sides that will lay flatter.  I’ll make this minor adjustment soon…yeah really soon.

PRuched_top_1roject Information:

  • Pattern:  Butterick 4517
  • Fabric:  Poly-damn-ester
  • Modifications:  4 inches shorter and will make the sides ruched and open

Phildar Hi how are you?


Look what came in the mail the other day?  Yup, the Fluffy One sent over some good stuff, man!  There is a bit of Licorne, though it’s so nice, it just may become a habit.  The bumpy looking stuff is Phildar Reliefs which looks like a beaded necklace (see the stuff laying on my thigh).  Isn’t it fabulous!  I wonder what it’ll be like to work with, but if it’s a fun as Phildar_sunrolling it and draping it all over the place has been, I’ll be ok.  What does this Reliefs want to be?  I’m thinking sweater #29 in the Phildar Printemps 05 Tendances.  It’s so cool, the whole sweater will be knit in one huge piece, so this won’t turn into a carry-along project, I’m guessing.

ALSO, are there any bloggers or knitters going to MAGIC in Vegas next week?  I’m going, and would like to meet up with some normal sane knitters if anyone else is going.  I’m there Monday through Thursday.  Anyone wanna knit by the canal at the Ventian?  AC and booze–heaven!

The Little Big Things

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Pledge to Oliver’s Fund!

1heartsmed Today when I signed into Typepad, the main page had a  blurb about the "little-big things".  They were referring to upgrading software, I was thinking more about the little things that add up to much more.  Here in the knit-blog-world family you sometimes get the opportunity to do a little big thing.  Our dear Emma posted about the huge challenges of getting the necessary equipment that her beautiful child needs for his care.   The knitters have taken up this thread and gorgeous Oliver has a paypal address for us to send funds which will help defray some equipment costs.  Should you want to:

1. go to the Paypal site,

2. sign yourself in (and I know y’all ebay lovers have paypal accounts)

3. click on the "Send Money" tab at the top

4. send money to   oliversfund@btinternet.com  and mark this as "service",

It would take you less time to doSmallwedcakehrt that than it took for me to type those bullet points.  You can also cruise by Kerrie’s site and check out the auction she’s set up to benefit Oliver’s fund!  You could do that…yes you could.

AND…run over to JStrizzy’s site to read about her PROPOSAL!  Congrats to those crazy lawyer kids!


Booboo Since I didn’t have time to knit AT ALL this weekend, I thought I’d show you what I was unknitting.  Yeah, still ripping back to the mistake I made at the center front of the boob holder/minisweater.  Why does it seem like the unknitting is taking longer than the knitting.  Ah life, she’s a coquettish little minx…

Mean Knitting

As I am now ripping down to a mistake at the CENTER FRONT of my boob holder, that can clearly be blamed on the movie "Mean Girls" (very enjoyable), I thought I’d bring s001_sh_02_enome new patterns to the attention of fellow pattern junkies.

First, did everyone see the cuteness of the Hopeful?  Cute pattern and even better cause.  What’s not to love, good karma, great cause (breast cancer cure) and a beautiful sweater.  I snapped that one up as soon as my sister showed her first attempt at this pattern.

Second, Rebecca has a new Kid Mohair special edition out now.  Cute patterns, looks like a compilation of previous patterns, but cute.  I personally hate wearing mohair, kid or not, but there’s no mohair law that says you can’t change the fiber.  Right counsellors…AND the new Rebecca is supposed to be out August 17th, so we’ll stay tuned for those new designs.  I do like myself some Rebecca patterns.

For those Phildar afficienados, the English version of the latest Phildar Fall Automne 2005 catalog is now available from KnitNTyme in Canada.  I’ve got mine ordered, but haven’t received it yet.  If you want to page through, click here for the Phildar site page turner.  When’s that mailperson coming!?

Hey, hold these a sec…

Boob1 What’s that white blob she’s got going on now, you ask?  This pretty blob is my version of Glampyre’s Minisweater (aka boobage – holder).  Why make a minisweater?  I now work in an office where I go from my air conditioned area into the warehouse, which is in no way air conditioned.  Not really a huge ordeal in nor Cal, but still makes you keep taking a jacket on and off despite it being 90 degrees outside.  I came up with the bright idea to make Stephanie’s little sweater in a neutral white, and keeping it handy at work.  Unless of course I like it so well, I’ll have to keep it with me.

This project also makes a nice accompaniment to the Phildar sweater currently on size 2 needles.  The minisweater is actually on MAXI needles.  Size 10s to be exact, I had to go buy such big needles, since a loosey goosey knitter like me has very little need for such ginormous needles.  So I swing between size 2s and 10s to keep the fingers and hands from getting achy.  So far so good.  Plus, on size 10s I’ll be cranking out minisweaters faster than heck.  That fun white yarn you see is the Katia Denim in white that I procured from Elann for little to no money.  It’s a ribbon yarn with edges that look like they’ll fray a bit on washing and wearing.  So far it’s been fine with which to knit, and the resulting fabric is very light considering it’s a bulky gauge yarn.

Because I’m my sister’s sister, I’ll be monkeying with the pattern a bit.  I’ll be making 3/4 sleeves, maybe add a horizontal edging to the under boobage area, skipping the neck edging and foregoing the button front and changing it to icord/ribbon tie front closure that someone (AnneMarie?) had on at Maryland.  Loved it, and filed that little change away in the noggin.  Now I’ll just be anxiously awaiting the newest Phildar mag (with English translation) to help with the next project procurement decisions.  R&D people.

Chiffon is not my friend

Chiffon_hanging Well here’s where we are on the chiffon dress (don’t worry I’d wear a slip dress underneath).  It looks so innocent hanging there waiting to be hemmed, doesn’t it.  Oh no, it gave me an ass kicking.  To be fair (or do I even have to be since I’m paying the blog bill) the first problem was my fault.  It turned the iron on set it to like nuclear hot and got ironing a seam.  Yup, you guessed it.  Poly chiffon is melt-able.  I melted a hole in the front piece.  Duh!  I regrouped and had just enough fabric to re-cut the front (of course it’s the front) piece.  Unpicked the stitches, which is some sort of torture they need to use at Gitmo, and resewed the front on.  Guess how many times I check the iron’s temperature before pressing this time?  Like one million plus two.

After the melting incident, I sewed merrily away (there was much cussing) and tried this puppy on for the final time and went "Eh".  The seams aren’t laying well because of the bias and the nature of chiffon and I swear one side panel is a smidge higher on the hip than the other side.  Would anyone but me notice this glaring error, probably not, but I’ll let this project hang for awhile and work on a top I’d previously cut out.  No chiffon, more poly though (because I want to experience the 70s again subconsciously) and get some distance from the chiffon.

AND I’m waiting for some yarn for a Minisweater that should be here today (fingers crossed) that was almost free on Elann.  I’d got the yarn when I thought there was absolutely no way I could get away from work for NYS&W, but now there is a minuscule chance I might/could/possibly get there, so it’s a bit like buying under false pretenses.  I’m okay with that, don’t get me wrong, so send me good energy that I can bend work to my will (I know I’ve only been there for a month, but they really do need to bend to my will…).

Sandal_pileAs much as I love knitting up the Phildar Plaisance yarn, it’s being knit up on tiny, tiny size 2 needles.  This fact is  brought home to me by the ache in my fingies after a few rows.  I combat that by switching to a project with bigger needles and stretchier yarn.  With all that, you’d think I’d have something to show youse guys.  Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.

So instead of showing you kitty pictures (I don’t have a kitty), I’ll post a picture of my nFlowery_chiffon_1ew sandals.  Yup, a fabulous weekend in LA, and I show you sandals.  Heck folks, they had my size (6 – I know!) in tons of styles at the Shoe Pavilion and I spent almost NO money.  Of course I got three pairs – all on sale.  I wear them to work so I can justify them.  AND it’s going to be 90 degrees for the rest of the week.  HA!

In craftier efforts, I did cut out this dress out of some yummy retro inspired chiffon that I pulled out of the garage.  (I should post photos of my own personal garage craft bullpen someday, but I fear it would be embarrassing.)   The sewing has not commenced as it will entail changing the 4 thread overlock to 3 thread.  Pain.  Major pain.  But the pattern looks pretty simple, but you can never tell with bias.  Make that bias chiffon.  What was I thinking?!