Sandal_pileAs much as I love knitting up the Phildar Plaisance yarn, it’s being knit up on tiny, tiny size 2 needles.  This fact is  brought home to me by the ache in my fingies after a few rows.  I combat that by switching to a project with bigger needles and stretchier yarn.  With all that, you’d think I’d have something to show youse guys.  Nope.  Nothing.  Nada.

So instead of showing you kitty pictures (I don’t have a kitty), I’ll post a picture of my nFlowery_chiffon_1ew sandals.  Yup, a fabulous weekend in LA, and I show you sandals.  Heck folks, they had my size (6 – I know!) in tons of styles at the Shoe Pavilion and I spent almost NO money.  Of course I got three pairs – all on sale.  I wear them to work so I can justify them.  AND it’s going to be 90 degrees for the rest of the week.  HA!

In craftier efforts, I did cut out this dress out of some yummy retro inspired chiffon that I pulled out of the garage.  (I should post photos of my own personal garage craft bullpen someday, but I fear it would be embarrassing.)   The sewing has not commenced as it will entail changing the 4 thread overlock to 3 thread.  Pain.  Major pain.  But the pattern looks pretty simple, but you can never tell with bias.  Make that bias chiffon.  What was I thinking?!


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  1. I demand photos of the Garage Fabric Stash Haven. PLEASE.
    (We can never get enough shoes here. Total shoe ‘ho. I buy at least twice a month. Heaven help me.)

  2. now that i am handicapped by the orthotics i gaze at your sandals in envy. my eyes are filling with tears. ah the salad days of wearing sandals and having normal feet. they are no longer.
    when you’re done w/ that dress, i’ve got some projects you can whip up for me!

  3. Bias chiffon? Do you cut out with tissue on top/underneath? I’ve read all the tips for handling slippery fabric but haven’t been brave enough to try yet.

  4. Love the dress pattern! And I totally understand your hesitation to show your garage stash. I have a hall closet I can barely close thanks to part of my yarn stash. Nobody needs to see what’s behind door number 1, I tell ya! =)

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