Chiffon is not my friend

Chiffon_hanging Well here’s where we are on the chiffon dress (don’t worry I’d wear a slip dress underneath).  It looks so innocent hanging there waiting to be hemmed, doesn’t it.  Oh no, it gave me an ass kicking.  To be fair (or do I even have to be since I’m paying the blog bill) the first problem was my fault.  It turned the iron on set it to like nuclear hot and got ironing a seam.  Yup, you guessed it.  Poly chiffon is melt-able.  I melted a hole in the front piece.  Duh!  I regrouped and had just enough fabric to re-cut the front (of course it’s the front) piece.  Unpicked the stitches, which is some sort of torture they need to use at Gitmo, and resewed the front on.  Guess how many times I check the iron’s temperature before pressing this time?  Like one million plus two.

After the melting incident, I sewed merrily away (there was much cussing) and tried this puppy on for the final time and went "Eh".  The seams aren’t laying well because of the bias and the nature of chiffon and I swear one side panel is a smidge higher on the hip than the other side.  Would anyone but me notice this glaring error, probably not, but I’ll let this project hang for awhile and work on a top I’d previously cut out.  No chiffon, more poly though (because I want to experience the 70s again subconsciously) and get some distance from the chiffon.

AND I’m waiting for some yarn for a Minisweater that should be here today (fingers crossed) that was almost free on Elann.  I’d got the yarn when I thought there was absolutely no way I could get away from work for NYS&W, but now there is a minuscule chance I might/could/possibly get there, so it’s a bit like buying under false pretenses.  I’m okay with that, don’t get me wrong, so send me good energy that I can bend work to my will (I know I’ve only been there for a month, but they really do need to bend to my will…).


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  1. Indeed…”Silvia’s work…BEND TO HER WILL!” It will be much easier for everyone that way.
    I think that boobholder is so very, very Sil. You must make it.

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