Hey, hold these a sec…

Boob1 What’s that white blob she’s got going on now, you ask?  This pretty blob is my version of Glampyre’s Minisweater (aka boobage – holder).  Why make a minisweater?  I now work in an office where I go from my air conditioned area into the warehouse, which is in no way air conditioned.  Not really a huge ordeal in nor Cal, but still makes you keep taking a jacket on and off despite it being 90 degrees outside.  I came up with the bright idea to make Stephanie’s little sweater in a neutral white, and keeping it handy at work.  Unless of course I like it so well, I’ll have to keep it with me.

This project also makes a nice accompaniment to the Phildar sweater currently on size 2 needles.  The minisweater is actually on MAXI needles.  Size 10s to be exact, I had to go buy such big needles, since a loosey goosey knitter like me has very little need for such ginormous needles.  So I swing between size 2s and 10s to keep the fingers and hands from getting achy.  So far so good.  Plus, on size 10s I’ll be cranking out minisweaters faster than heck.  That fun white yarn you see is the Katia Denim in white that I procured from Elann for little to no money.  It’s a ribbon yarn with edges that look like they’ll fray a bit on washing and wearing.  So far it’s been fine with which to knit, and the resulting fabric is very light considering it’s a bulky gauge yarn.

Because I’m my sister’s sister, I’ll be monkeying with the pattern a bit.  I’ll be making 3/4 sleeves, maybe add a horizontal edging to the under boobage area, skipping the neck edging and foregoing the button front and changing it to icord/ribbon tie front closure that someone (AnneMarie?) had on at Maryland.  Loved it, and filed that little change away in the noggin.  Now I’ll just be anxiously awaiting the newest Phildar mag (with English translation) to help with the next project procurement decisions.  R&D people.

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  1. I’m working on a minisweater right now too. It’s a size simple framework for monkeying. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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