Mean Knitting

As I am now ripping down to a mistake at the CENTER FRONT of my boob holder, that can clearly be blamed on the movie "Mean Girls" (very enjoyable), I thought I’d bring s001_sh_02_enome new patterns to the attention of fellow pattern junkies.

First, did everyone see the cuteness of the Hopeful?  Cute pattern and even better cause.  What’s not to love, good karma, great cause (breast cancer cure) and a beautiful sweater.  I snapped that one up as soon as my sister showed her first attempt at this pattern.

Second, Rebecca has a new Kid Mohair special edition out now.  Cute patterns, looks like a compilation of previous patterns, but cute.  I personally hate wearing mohair, kid or not, but there’s no mohair law that says you can’t change the fiber.  Right counsellors…AND the new Rebecca is supposed to be out August 17th, so we’ll stay tuned for those new designs.  I do like myself some Rebecca patterns.

For those Phildar afficienados, the English version of the latest Phildar Fall Automne 2005 catalog is now available from KnitNTyme in Canada.  I’ve got mine ordered, but haven’t received it yet.  If you want to page through, click here for the Phildar site page turner.  When’s that mailperson coming!?


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  1. Definitely give us a review of the new Rebecca when it comes. I have to look long and hard for that mag, and I’ll only do it if I know its worth it.

  2. Ladies, I’ve seen it, and I’m not impressed. I really only saw ONE sweater I wanted to knit in the whole thing. There were a couple other nice ones in there but they were sweaters I could easily buy for $20 at Express. Not Impressed. In the end, I think I’ve decided to save my $17 for something else. If you’d like though, I’d be happy to pick up a copy and mail it to you…they have them at Knit Happens…

  3. All I’m gonna say is: Whew! Glad I didn’t include the Phildar Automne in your package ’cause I came *this* close. Put something else in, though. (Oooh, the suspense. And where’s that mailperson, already???)

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