The Little Big Things

Added later:  Or you could just click on the button below!

Pledge to Oliver’s Fund!

1heartsmed Today when I signed into Typepad, the main page had a  blurb about the "little-big things".  They were referring to upgrading software, I was thinking more about the little things that add up to much more.  Here in the knit-blog-world family you sometimes get the opportunity to do a little big thing.  Our dear Emma posted about the huge challenges of getting the necessary equipment that her beautiful child needs for his care.   The knitters have taken up this thread and gorgeous Oliver has a paypal address for us to send funds which will help defray some equipment costs.  Should you want to:

1. go to the Paypal site,

2. sign yourself in (and I know y’all ebay lovers have paypal accounts)

3. click on the "Send Money" tab at the top

4. send money to  and mark this as "service",

It would take you less time to doSmallwedcakehrt that than it took for me to type those bullet points.  You can also cruise by Kerrie’s site and check out the auction she’s set up to benefit Oliver’s fund!  You could do that…yes you could.

AND…run over to JStrizzy’s site to read about her PROPOSAL!  Congrats to those crazy lawyer kids!


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  1. Been there, done that. Need the t-shirt. Oliver’s Fund, that is. (hee)
    This is a great post. I was going to say something like this, but was still mulling on the right verbiage. You’ve done it, Babe.
    Hey, speaking of the t-shirt, someone should set up a Cafe Press store for it….hm….

  2. I’ve also made up a button and sent it on to Emma. Didn’t know about Claudia’s at the time. It’s also on my blog. I love this. It’s great to see everyone come together and do something great!

  3. I love Emma’s blog and her cute little kiddo. I was sad to hear what they were up against right now but then so overjoyed to see the great support from the knitting community! Hope we can help them out.

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