Phildar Hi how are you?


Look what came in the mail the other day?  Yup, the Fluffy One sent over some good stuff, man!  There is a bit of Licorne, though it’s so nice, it just may become a habit.  The bumpy looking stuff is Phildar Reliefs which looks like a beaded necklace (see the stuff laying on my thigh).  Isn’t it fabulous!  I wonder what it’ll be like to work with, but if it’s a fun as Phildar_sunrolling it and draping it all over the place has been, I’ll be ok.  What does this Reliefs want to be?  I’m thinking sweater #29 in the Phildar Printemps 05 Tendances.  It’s so cool, the whole sweater will be knit in one huge piece, so this won’t turn into a carry-along project, I’m guessing.

ALSO, are there any bloggers or knitters going to MAGIC in Vegas next week?  I’m going, and would like to meet up with some normal sane knitters if anyone else is going.  I’m there Monday through Thursday.  Anyone wanna knit by the canal at the Ventian?  AC and booze–heaven!


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  1. damn i wish i could go. 😦
    why don’t you just swing by chicago on your way home????
    i’m loving that reliefs altho i can’t picture myself ever actually wearing something made from it.

  2. If I were anywhere in the vicinity I would SO be in Vegas with your mad knitting self, my dear.
    Please start the reliefs, already. We want to see the reliefs!

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