It’s a bird…

Turqu1 It’s a plane…it’s a FO!  Yup, I finally finished something!  After weeks and weeks of sitting around, I finally invested the last hour in this project and finished this top.  Sadly, after all that procrastinating and easy sewing, I don’t really like Turq2it as is.  I chose to make the top out of polyester, which in this case is very soft and fluid.  Unfortunately, it’s not firm enough to make a nice ruche, it’s more of a drape.  It may also be a function of shortening the pattern about 4 inches, so it wouldn’t swarm over my hips in an unflattering way–hopefully.

I was thinking over the drape issue at the gym today and I thought of a solution.  Instead of tying the ribbons together at the ends in a bow, I’ll ruche the ribbons and sew them in place, separately and then have ruched SPLIT sides that will lay flatter.  I’ll make this minor adjustment soon…yeah really soon.

PRuched_top_1roject Information:

  • Pattern:  Butterick 4517
  • Fabric:  Poly-damn-ester
  • Modifications:  4 inches shorter and will make the sides ruched and open

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