Looks like yarn corn


So you want to see what that string with knobbies (aka Phildar Reliefs) looks like when it gets knit up?  I think it looks like a field of popcorn–albeit green popcorn.  The string is a shiny white and the knobbies are white on one side and pistache on the other.  The sweater I’m making is pictured yonder and is from the Phildar catalog is in the Amazonie colorway–rather a darker green.  Me, I’m partial to the pistache (or as BM would say- pLimey).Relief_sweater

So far so good with this odd little yarn.  I though it would be much more difficult to knit up, but you just need to trust that the knobs will behave and just knit mindlessly.  The instructions for the sweater note that it is difficult to cast on neatly with this yarn (no shit) so I procured some Lion Brand Micro Spun in white with which to cast on (and eventually cast off).  That worked fine, and I learned that the Micro Spun would drive me to distraction with its splittiness if I had to use it for a whole garment.  It’s a shame, as it’s a nice feeling yarn and almost free.  The above Phildar sweater is knit all in one piece.  I cast on for the front and you knit straight up to the armpit area, where on increases stitches to make sleeves.  I’ve not read ahead to discover how the head hole is made yet, but I’m amused by this ingenious technique with a yarn that would be a bear to seam up the traditional sweater construction way.  You go Phildar!

I’m off to Vegas tomorrow a.m. (w/ my boss) to go to Magic and WWIN–2 huge trade shows for the fashion/rag trade.  I’m looking forward to the spectacle, but I’ll probably be overwhelmed in ten minutes.  Too many people, too much stuff and too much schmoozing.  Well as they say, that’s why I get paid the small dollars…


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  1. I’ve knit with worse that Microspun. In fact, I enjoy the tank I made with it alot — enough to consider using it again.
    Vegas on someone else’s dime? Nice. Take pictures.

  2. That’s really interesting yarn. I don’t think I would ever pick it up and want to knit something with it until seeing your sweater. And no seams? Sounds great!

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