It can stay…

Vegas was fun, alot of work, but fun.  (My friend describes Vegas as being like living on the surface of the sun, but with a Walmart explosion–yup).  I’ve never seen such a huge array of clothes and shoes and jewelry and bags.  More than I’ll ever need to see again, or at least until February–yup–it’s a twice a year thing…

What did I learn at Magic and WIN?  Botox and boob jobs are very popular.  And, even though I wasn’t shopping the junior market (I peeked), I did manage to take in that you’ll need some version of Shrug

this skirtSkirt

these shoes Shoe     and this shrug.

And this is official—THE PONCHO IS DEAD.  There were ZERO ponchos in any line for spring ’06.  There, I’ve said it, so quit making them (unless the recipient is under the age of two).  No really, stop.  NOW.


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  1. p.s. And plus I see Ponchos in the shops here in germany often, the Rebecca Online Site jsut announced the it Ponchos are a must have this season 🙂 But we are in the old world sure a little behind … 😉

  2. I saw that entire outfit on the bus to work the other day – but I must say – her feet were slippin’ and slidin’ all over those espies… Maybe that’s why shoes evolved?
    BTW – you are the wind beneath my wings! The mighty courage you are showing in knitting with the Phildar Reliefs yarn is beyond compare – I have some and can’t get past the 3″ mark. I had to use a provisional cast-on because I became so frightened of my knitting I had to run away and hide from the mess a regular-any-ole-cast-on made of all THOSE NUBS…
    VIVA the PONCHO!

  3. I just don’t think my feet would be able to handle those shoes, but DAMN I gotta have that mini sweater.
    P.S. Ponchos never die. They hibernate, and then come back out to tempt or torture us. (Torture, for those who grew up in the seventies and wore a poncho with pompoms. Ahem.)

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