Labor Day Skirt

Flower_skirt_3 Guess who spent her holiday making a skirt?  Did you guess me!  I’ve been meaning to make a skirt I’d seen in mBurda_skirty Burda Magazine** and then I got the perfect material for it from Fluffy Becky (thanks)!  Hey, that’s a German pattern, French material and a California bootay!  It’s the UN of fun skirts.

I hope you can see the cool style lines in the skirt and the picture from the magazine.  There are godets in front, back and sides to make it flowy, and the top has rounded shaped seams that make it snug on top and kind of cups the butt.  It’s a bit different and the stretchy cotton/lycra material is perfect for this pattern.  Can you tell I like the way it turned out?Skirt_1

**A note for those people who think I’m talking about Burda Sewing Patterns in the fabric store, I’m not.  This pattern is traced from the Burda Magazine to which I subscribe, and I don’t think that the same patterns are in the fabric store that are in the magazine.


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  1. GORGEOUS! I knew you’d do something fabulous with that material. I love the godets!!! I’m currently working on a skirt with godets using one of the Vogue patterns you kindly sent to me.
    P.S. You’re also responsible for getting me hooked on the Burda Magazine. I just got the latest one at my local presse and I think I’m going to be subscribing to it. It is CHOCK FULL of gorgeous designs! The September issue is skirt with godets and spencer jacket heaven 🙂

  2. My local fabric store finally started carrying this, and I definitely need to get a subscription. Yum. Fun stuff!
    I like a lot of their pants and things too!

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