Trouble with Popcorn

Popcorn I’m one ball into my Phildar Reliefs sweater and am already having some second thoughts.  I’d not worked on this project in about a week, and pulled it out the other day and looked at the cast on edge in white Lion Brand Microspun and decided it would bug me to look at that edge whenever I wore this sweater.  The reason I used the Microspun in the first place was that the instructions recommended using a coordinating yarn to cast on because the knobby Reliefs doesn’t make a smooth cast on edge.  I decided to use white as the stringy part of the Reliefs is shiny and white.  Now that I see more of the knitted fabric, though, I think a matching green would be much less noticeable.  Maddeningly, the Rowan Calmer top I knit awhile back in the sour colorway is a perfect match.  Unfortunately, I’ve only got a few yards of this stuff left–so I’ll end up buying a whole new skein of yarn and use a tiny bit.  For some reason this is bugging me, but I’ll most likely end up doing exactly that.  I mean the "false economy" phrase would surely apply here. Crikey, what’s ten more dollars after investing in the Reliefs yarn.  Still…bugger…sheesh.  So I’ll be ripping this first ball’s worth of knitting out and just think of it as a big old dumb swatch.

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  1. I think that there is some Coton Microfibres (the yarn suggested for casting on by Phildar) in a color similar to the green in the reliefs. I’ll check it out, and if it’s a perfect match I’ll send it on 🙂

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