One_back Well who doesn’t like a new project?  Certainly not me as you can see by the completed back of the Phildar #4 (see that picture from the 9/8 post down there) cardie I started a few days ago.  I figured since I’ve got to rip out the Phildar Reliefs popcorn sweater because of the cast on, I had a clear field to start on my new yarn while I wait for more cast on yarn for Reliefs.

I guess you can see that this sweater knits up quickly on the size 9 and 10 needles.  I started the little side of the front (it’s asymmetrical so I’ll start on the easy side) and that goes even quicker since you’re holding two strands of the tweed yarn together.  I am a bit skeptical about the amount of yarn I have.  I bought the proscribed amount of yarn, but it just doesn’t look like enough.  We shall see.

As to this project, I love this blue/gray yarn!  Phildar Partner is like 80% acrylic and 20% wool and is sooooo soft.  If you’re considering this yarn, it is a substantial gauge of fabric and would certainly keep you warm in fall, despite being low on wool content.  Or if you happen to life in California (like moi) it’ll be more than fine.  It knits up with nice even stitches and minimal splitting.  For this sweater I used tubular cast on and I’ll try to get some shots of the pretty rolled edge, clean cast on.  It’s my fave cast on, but doesn’t work with all yarns and ribbings.  In this case I think it’s perfect!  I know my picture doesn’t do this pretty color justice, but trust me it gorgeous!