The progress…

Progress_1 …she is made.  Lest you think there is no knitting done here at Chez Silvie, I must disabuse you of such a silly notion.  I knit wherever I am so I was able to finish the right side of my lovely tweedy cardie.  Now this is the smaller side of the asymmetrical front, hard to tell when the solid back piece is so scrunched up, but trust me, it’s skinny.  It didn’t take long with the doubled yarn and the size ten needles.  Funnily enough, when I went went to the needle repository to find my size 10s, there were only 16" circular 10s (I’d rather use those blunt big red pRebecca_pinkencils from kindergarten with which to knit) or the short yellow plastic straights that were a gift from a friend.  I received these and a big ol’ handful of old plastic needles ages ago all rubberbanded together after a relative of hers had died, and now that my snobbery was overcome by need and I used them.  I must say, they’re really quite nice with the acrylic/wool blend.  Very slippy–not the grab of wood needles.  Plus, they’re bright cheery yellow.

I also picked up the latest Rebecca at the recently opened Stash in the fabulous Berkeley and found that it had a few very nice sweaters featured.  Of course the one I’m thinking of as a future must make is a tiny side picture.  For those of following along with their magazine, I’m talking of #37 with the catchy name of Wrap jacket with Flounce Edging.  Hey, I just put "Wrap Jacket" into the Mormon name generator and it will heretofore be known as Elsha Cachet.  Sounds very James Bond doesn’t it.  Cute flouncy and James Bond-y.

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  1. You are just zooming through that Phildar zippy! It’s gonna look fab.
    Speaking of which, I think that Rebecca uses Phildar as their inspiration for pattern naming. So original! Hehe.

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