Princess Devil Made Me Do It


No, I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth–I was just in L.A. (so cal – not the hurricane place).  Had a great time with my fabulous, dear friends and am back hard at it to provide blog-ification for y’all.

Unfortunately for my blog-ification aspirations, my blog fodder decreases as my having fun running around increases.  This is not to say progress has not been made on my blue/gray sweater.  It most certainly has.  I am not personally a fan of the "look mom one more inch" knitting journalist style of blogging, but I am resorting to it today because looking at the weekend pile of exotic beer, cider and lembec bottles wouldn’t be too interesting either.  The "inch" photo is definitely the high road here.

For those of you who care to notice, the curved wacko looking piece on the needles is an overlay that cleverly will form a pocket on that front side.  I think…the directions are minimal, but I’m almost Devilgirlsure that’s what they intend, and it’s certainly what I’m going to do–so let’s call that the pocket.

For some sort of eye candy for this piss poor excuse for an entry, I present you with a nice pile of red satin and organza.  What the hell?  Is she making herself some whore clothes?  Nah…although…As I was visiting my favorite 6 and one half year old, she came up with her Halloween costume and even sketched it out for me at the Peets.  She wants to be a "princess devil".  Uh, okay.  After much searching the pattern books for a costume that will approximate her vision, I couldn’t find bupkiss.  I’ve got a plain old dress pattern and can modify it for our "needs", but stay tuned for the princess devilication season.