I know we all find the pictures showing incremental progress boring, but it’s all I got people.  This gray blob to your left is a sleeve.  I’ve livened up the picture by showing you the jaunty yellow short little needles I’m using.  They’re plastic and really old and were given to me when someone’s relative passed.  I really like them very much, they’re pointy but not too sharp, and are just "grippy" enough with the wool/acrylic yarn I’m using.  Did I mention their jaunty yellowness?

Also, because I’m concerned I don’t have enough hobbies, I bought some beads on sale at the craft store.  Now I realize that buying beads at the craft store is like buying yarn at the craft store.  Yeah, it’s yarn, but it’s not your primo a-one good shit.  But I may hate the beading thing, and in fact I’ve balked at starting even the simplest necklace, so a small investmeBeadsnt is prudent.  As you can see, the blue/green mood struck me in the bead aisle.  I was thinking of stringing a lariat necklace, but realized that I wouldn’t wear a necklace like that–maybe.  I’ve also not invested in the many different pliers my beading book recommends.  I have small needle nose pliers and I find they are the handiest thing I’ve ever owned.  I’m sticking with them until I hear otherwise.  So maybe I’ll start with a choker, short and sweet to see how this beading thing goes.  If I don’t like it check back for the free bead giveaway.


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