Good Bad Good

Sleeves I’m trying to be good–really I am!  I’ve been trying to finish a few projects and ignore the siren song of all the yarns and fabrics in my luscious stash (who’s going to get weird google hits for that one).  I finished the kid Halloween costume (see previous self congratulatory entry) and mailed it off forthwith to L.A. only to learn that Monday is a Columbus Day postal holiday.  Argh!  I’ve also been diligently working on my Phildar cardie in the gorgeous blue gray and tweed.  I powered through the sleeves, as you can see yonder laying there so prettily.  I was a bit worried that I would run out of yarn on that last one, but I finished it in a nick of time.

As you can see from the remaining yarn laying there on my rock hard thigh (make that luscious rock hard thigh for the perverted googlers–you’re welcome), there wasn’t much margin of error there.  Now I’d be crowing and dancing the victory Enoughdance if that was the amount of yarn I had remaining and the sweater was actually DONE!  Unfortunately, this mother-f*cker still needs a 2.5" collar.  Now do you understand my pain?  That doesn’t look like enough does it (please know I have a normal sized neck to make a collar for)? 

I initially ordered the yarn from Breiweb in Belgium.  Now they’re great to order from, but it does take an age to get your yarn from Europe–not Breiweb’s fault, and it’s not like it’s a kidney or something.  What’s a week or two between friends.  I just want to get this done NOW!  So I’ve ordered ONE more skein from Knit N Tyme in Canada as it’s just a bit quicker.  I use both companies as often as the budget allows and am a huge fan of both.  The shipping charges are about the same for both, so I’m mitigating the shipping Bonus damage by ordering two more Phildar books I don’t have yet.  It doesn’t cost more to ship two magazines along with THE skein so I feel justified.  In fact it’s just good shopping isn’t it.

Luckily, to keep my mind off this yarn tragedy, I joined a wonderful group of people led by Bead Lizard Sylvia (with a ‘y’) who invade the wonderful folks at Unicorn Books annually as a guild outing.  I was invited along and snapped up that invite before you could say boo.  Fortuitously I live about two whole minutes from their warehouse, yet have never been there.  I snapped up Ann Budd’s Book of Sweater Patterns and a gaggle of turquoise Lana Grossa Merino Big.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  I later added a couple of skeins of Karabella Extrafine Merino for a coordinating accent.  Now while I have a vision for this potential sweater, I haven’t worked out the details, just the colorway.  So maybe while I wait the week and a half for my skein of Phildar to finish my cardie, I can work on this concept a bit.  Or maybe bust out the coppery Art Fibers Golden Siam.  Or maybe finish the alpaca Clapotis that I started right after Maryland Sheep and Wool in May!  Maybe I’ll just start off by watching my 49ers suck out loud…


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  1. Sylvia did that warehouse trip again??! Man, you lucky dog. Lovin’ that Turquoise. And think of all the lovely patterns you’ll have for me to look through when I show up.

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