No NY for U

Silk As I jealously read about all you bloggers getting ready to go to NYS&W this weekend, I must admit that I really really really want to go.  I really do.  Unfortunately, work is not amenable to me taking even a day off, so I must only be there in spirit.  For those of you who haven’t gone, you must try to get there one day just to see all the beautiful autumn leaves and gorgeous sheep and fabulous wool.  Oh yeah, and the people!

Alas, it’s not in the cards this year, I did start a new project while I wait for my additional Phildar yarn to arrive from Canada so I can finish my sweater.  I decided to bust into the Art Fibers Golden Siam silk yarn.  It’s a strange browny-pinky color and is rather slubby.  I tried a lace pattern or two, but decided it really only worked for me as stockinette.  I settled on the Chicknits Cutaway pattern and have so far enjoyed the knitting up.  I’m aiming for the armpits right now, so go pits go!

Sheep and Woolers have fun and I’ll have to live vicariously this time around…


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  1. Hmmm… I think that’s the same color I have (though the label on mine says Golden Chai, which is the multicolored version of Golden Siam — I think mine was mislabeled). I decided after knitting half a sweater that it absolutely doesn’t work for me in plain stockinette, and needs a stitch pattern of some sort to show off. As did Claudia. Interesting how the same yarn speaks so differently to each of us…

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