What Color?

What_colorEven though I didn’t make it to Rhinebeck this year, I did get ONE email (from my favorite Norma!) saying she missed my presence.  That was nice, my sister on the other hand, took my brilliant idea from last year to eat at the C.I.A. (not that one –  the one that cooks…) with a posse of knitters!  Heck–last year it was pizza, this year fois gras and roasted beets.  Hmmmm…okay… kick a sister when she’s down.  (Remember I couldn’t go because of WORK)!  Eek.

Okay, I know everyone had fun and deep down somewhere I’m sure I’m happy for them, but I did finish the back of my Cutaway sweater, so that’s something good.  I like this pattern very much so far, but that’s not too surprising as BonneMarie’s patterns are quite nifty.  What I can’t figure out is what to call this color yarn?  I tried using my Pantone book from work and came up snake eyes.  Sure there were colors that were in the ball park, but nothing spot on.  All my suggested color chips had some version of "rose" and "adobe" in the color names.  I’d call this my "adobe rose cutaway" but that sounds like a stripper’s act or an act that’s illegal in Tennessee, and I’m way too Classy (with a "k") for that…shut up–am so!


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  1. There were several renditions of “I miss Sil”. CIA definitely again next year.
    If a gigantic box shows up on your doorstep, don’t get excited. Its a bicycle.

  2. Well, I missed ya. Hopefully next time you’ll be there. And maybe you can protect me from your sister’s evil spinning hypnosis. I bought a damn drop spindle!

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