Time Warp

Why does one experience a time warp upon entering Artfibers?  I pinky swear my sister and I were only there for like an hour and when I checked the time to figure out why my tummy was growling like an angry bear, I realized we’d been there for THREE hours!  Shwa?!  It started out as a normal October day, lovely weather, birds singing and day off of work, when the fiber portal sucked three hours out of the day.  Of course I’d do it again any day of the week, as Artfibers is a superior fiber Mecca, but next time I’ll pack a lunch.

Claudia and I met Stella at Artfibers.  She’d been enticed to play hookey from her job too.  Heh heh heh.  We had a great time examining the fibers and fondling the hanks, marveling at the color choices.  Ya know, the "ooh look at this" moments.

My own purchases were small, I have a few gifts to come up with.  I bought a ball of TsScarf1uki (40% silk/60% super kid mohair) in black laceweight.  For those of you accurately remembering that I am a fully paid up member of the "I hate mohair" crowd, you can only imagine how soft this yarn is for me to go back on all those years of no mohair.  I plan  on making a lacy scarf with this stuff and I’m almost certainly not going to give it away.  Hee!

My heavier purchase was a hank of Sanskrit which is 100% hand spun sari silk.  This is the softest type of this yarn I’ve ever felt and had to have it.  I’m making a directional scarf to maximize the color repeats of the gorgeous and vibrant sari silk.  I love the way it’s turning out so far, and on size 10 needles it’s going very quickly.  This one will be given away, but quite reluctantly.  Very reluctantly…