Fun with Tweed

Howudoin Despite running out of yarn, I did manage to finally finish this sweater!  This combo solid tweed zip up cardie is from Phildar Collections Automne 2005, model #4 aka "gilet asymetrique".  This post workout shot is courtesy of Claudia and the sweat is from Gold’s.

Sweater specs:

Pattern:  Phildar Collections Automne 2005, model #4

Yarn:  Phildar Partner and Auteuil

Zipper:  Zipper Stop in NYC – love them!

I made a few changes to the pattern.  I lengthened the sleeves to accomodate my ape arms – natch.  The left front is a tweed piece over the solid piece.  I decided that the side edge of the overlay wasn’t super neat, so I knit on an i-cord edging.  I also knit on an i-cord edging on each edge of the center fronts in the solid gray to emphasize the zipper and make the edges very neat.  I also kept knitting the i-cord up past the end of the collar where it wasn’t attached, so I could turn it under to sew over the inside of the zipper and make a neat facing.  That way when the zipper isn’t closed and the collar flops open, there will be i-cord facing over that part of the zipper.

I adore this sweater, it surely met my expectations.  It’s warm and soft–perfect!  Maybe I’ll wear it to work tomorrow so that I won’t plug in my office space heater and cause half the warehouse circuits to trip.  Yup, can’t put up with those comments two days in a row, but heck–I’m coldddddd…


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  1. LOVE IT!!!! You are so fab in this jacket; you totally blow the model out of the mag. Hope she doesn’t come upon your blog with you in this jacket; she’ll be a-weepin’ 🙂

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