P18_191_edited I must begin by saying I don’t work for Phildar, don’t have any affiliation to Phildar, I just like their stuff.  I can only wish they were paying me to design for them, but I can just think that every sweater of theirs I make is another step closer to them paying me.

I must now point out that Phildar has a new Accessories catalog on their site.  Honestly, this doesn’t really do too much for me in the normal course of events.  I mean how hard is it to figure out how to make a hat or scarf.  Not usually too hard, though I have made P26_27jpg more than one Clapotis in my day, so there are exceptions to every prejudice.  But check out the cute crocheted leaf scarf.  Now I don’t like to crochet, but that is one cute scarf.  Then I saw they have a matching hat/bag combination in the same mien as the faux shearling sweater I’m going to force my sister to kit up for me for Christmas. (I’m so easy to buy for, no?)  Now I don’t think I’d make those accessories, but they’re fun none the less.  Props to ingenious designing (but boos to creepily blurring the faces of their models on their website–what the hell is that about?  Who gives a rat’s ass what the puss of a teenage beanpole looks like!  It’s about the knitwear people)!


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  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Blurring the faces totally takes my attention away from the knitwear–even though I wouldn’t even look at the faces under normal conditions. But it is creepy looking! And it makes you wonder if they didn’t bother getting model releases or something. Then it just makes them look like they don’t know what they are doing.

  2. Our server is flipping out and blocking the Phildar site (French knitwear is, apparently, too racy in Boston).
    I agree, those accessories are fabu. That scarf! Makes me want to run out and become a hooker.

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