What the…

Golden_siam Well fuck me!  It’s happened again…See that nice pile of knitting parts and that very small pile of available yarn?  You guessed it, I’m one sleeve short of a sweater.  That’s not a euphemism for me being nuts.  For some reason, for what seems like the 23rd time, I’ve not got enough yarn to finish a sweater.  Now I know I’ve got options.  I can go buy more yarn, I can make 3/4 sleeves, I can rip the whole thing out and make a smaller sweater.  Or I can throw it across the room and cry.  Guess which one I pick?

Let me wipe my eyes…actually I’ll just fold it neatly up and put it in my knitting bag and work on something else for awhile.  I’ll figure it out, just not now.  Doh!


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  1. just buy more yarn :)good excuse to go back to Artfibers, yes? and in the meantime look forward to that Phabulous Phildar Phaux shearling. Scuse me, but I like your blog a lot and your damned picture of the cute knitted ‘shearling’ inspired me to buy the kit from Breiweb right away šŸ˜›

  2. (hee hee. it is funny as a euphemism for being nuts, though.) what’s NOT funny is not having enough yarn. sad times, Silvia! I definitely think another fun knit is in order.

  3. Don’t cry, Silvia! We’ve all been there. Many times, I assure you. I’ve started buying 2 balls more yarn than what I think I need. now I have another problem, but at least I have enough yarn to finish my sweaters (and a matching hat, scarf, or mittens… What am I, 5?)

  4. Ahhh! I feel your pain.
    Is that the boucle yarn in a chocolate – kinda reddish brown? I’ve got a whole unused ball of that here and I can send it if you want it.

  5. do you need another gift certificate, sad crying girl? give me their phone #. sorry i know i owe you an email. avoiding emailing from work and have hardly been back to the apartment at all. fucking earnings. miss you lots tho. you and your one-armed sweater. perhaps you should consider just making that your style. of course then when you bought yarn, you’d be planning for a one-armed, and soon you would start running out of yarn even for that and winding up with no armed sweaters…

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry. That is so frustrating! But then you must try to remember that needing more yarn means you must go back to Artfibers. And I think in this situation you should buy too much of another yarn. And frankly the knitting fairies owe you a sale! Good luck!

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