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P30_31_editedIt’s election day here in California–well "special" election day.  After enduring months and months of nasty, mean spirited political ads, we can get back to normal.  Honestly, it makes you want to vote no on every ballot initiative.  Ick.  Luckily I spent yesterday at Disneyland rather than at work (oh yes I really did), so my complaints with lifP20_21_edited_1e are minuscule at present.

I’ve been knitting on my alpaca clapotis as I’ve not had time to get more yarn for the one one armed sweater.  It’s a fine traveling project and it may even get done when there is need for warm garments here in nor Cal.

I did notice yet another new magazine from Phildar just today and thought y’all would want to know .  Collections Hiver 2005/2006 looks nice, a few good designs and ideas.  Those magazines have been coming fast and furious, no?  My two faves on first inspection are the baroque sweater at left, an interesting interpretation–though the kitty dingly ball belt would probably be omitted.  The turquoise one on the right just looks like something I’d actually wear.  I mean, how many times do you make a sweater and end up not wearing it?  More often then I’d like.  Remember if you swing on by the Phildar site, they are still blurring out their model’s faces–creepy and slightly nauseating.


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  1. that one on the left reminds me a little of this sweater i want to make in the knitpicks catalogue. have you seen it. it’s shown in grey. sort of kimono style. with cables. blah blah blah blah. hi. miss you. bye.

  2. I was trying to figure out what could be the reason for that weird face blurring – maybe the model(s) didn’t agree to an internet ad campaign? VERY weird and quite creepatronic. That aqua sweater has tinges of the sweater Claudia is finishing, in the sleeves, etc.
    Are you going to make the faux shearling? I’ve been lusting after it but wonder if the *shearling* is actually like our anti-buddy, the Reliefs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think the same thing as Bonne Marie….that Phildar didn’t pay the models/get a release for internet advertising.
    Phildar consistently has a few designs per mag that I really like. Very endearing, that.

  4. I saw that turquoise one too…but Knit ‘n Tyme says that the issue is only coming out in French…no English translation. *sneef* (though I probably could figger it out…)

  5. P.S. What B-M says is probably true: The models get paid for print only. Their contracts probably don’t contain a clause for internet publicity, so they want to avoid a suit. (Good luck, Knit n Tyme! :-))

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