Fall Colors

Pb110008_edited Looking at the gorgeous leaves on the tree outside my office window has FORCED me to start a new knit project.  Shut up!  It has so.

After my present debacle of not having enough yarn to make another sleeve for my two armed self, I decided to wait out my next trip to Art Fibers by starting a sweater in lovely fall colors.  Luckily, I have a bunch of orangeWalletorangey cormo from MDS$W.  Now this started out as natural cream colored wool, then I wanted Claudia to dye it a pretty apricot shade. Well she mixed up 1% with 10% or some such thing, and apricot turned into screaming in the woods hunter orange.  So that’s not quite what I wanted.  Luckily, Claudia mananged to overdye it to a beautiful spice color with lovely hints of variegation.  Now that’s helping a sister out.

Pb110003_edited Despite having yarn, I’ve hit a streak of not enough yarn to cover all body parts problem.  How does a girl get around this one?  Well shit, how about making a top-down raglan cardie?  Now that’s an idea.  So as you can see from the photo of me handling my cast on edge, I firmly grabbed my ball and got busy.  (Imagine the google hits with this one).  I’m thinking of adding a little cable detail, not too much, and making the sleeves as soon as I get to the underarms.  That way, if I run out of yarn at least my arms are covered–boobages be damned.


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  1. First off, you have way better leaves than I do.
    That yarn indeed looks lovely…just be careful of the color variation, K? Yeah, that hunter orange wasn’t so nice.

  2. I might want to work if I had trees like that outside…
    How very nice of Claudia to save the dyeing day and for you to plan so resourcefully. The sweater looks beautiful.
    A new reader here, thanks for the enjoyable posts!

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