Spice Girl

Topspice Perhaps driven by the high of impending H&M-hood, I’ve been working away on the spice colored cormo wool sweater.  As this sweater is a complete reaction to running out of yarn on my previous sweater in progress, I’m making this one from the top down AND in the round.  For those of you unfamiliar with Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, you may want to check it out as you’re missing something there.

This sweater has a strategy.  It really needs one as there’s no real "pattern" other than knit until it’s big enough and increase and decrease where my body ebbs and flows (boobs and hips people).  This cormo yarn is very soft and firm as it’s been dyed 51733_frtand overdyed.  The skein I used for the yoke of the sweater is the brightest hank with the most intense color variation.  The rest of the skeins are more subdued, so my thinking was that the intensity at the yoke would be akin to pattern at the yoke.  I like it, it may bother some people but it’s my sweater so tough noogies.

Style-wise, I’d like to make two sleeves with lots of ribbing starting about the elbow, and a hood.  I’ve never made a hood but the instructions in my Knitting From the Top have you pick up the collar stitches, mark center back stitch and increase on either side of this stitch on every other row.  Then you just knit until it’s wide enough and long enough to fit your noggin and voila!  Hood-tacular!

The body style I’m going for is rather like this cardie from Anthropologie, fitted, longish but still comfy.  I’ll have a zipper though, since I’m all about easy access…shut up!


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  1. i love what you’re doing with the sweater. Makes sense since you ran out of yarn on two sweaters. And the sweater you’re modeling it after looks great.

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