In my previous entry, I tried to describe the color variation of the handdyed yarn.  I used the brightest skein at the yoke of this sweater.  I thought this would simulate a decorated yoke as I’m making this puppy in the round from the top down.  Knit until skein is used up = yoke!  My previous muddy, blurry photo was no use as it was taken at night.  So to clarify, I took a snap in the daylight and there is the much described color variation.  Easy as pie.Cable

I also took a picture of the cable detail I’m doing at the center front.  This is Barbara Walker’s wishbone cable, but upside down since I was too lazy to either transcribe the cable chart or turn the book upside down.  I think it looks nice upside down, maybe the luck stays in the wishbone better when it’s upside down.  If you’re wondering why the cable detail picture is so small, well it’s blurry.  I took it before coffee and clearly that’s a bad idea.Pnk7

And for those of you who love the Clapotis pattern, but don’t actually want to make one, check out the two auctions (here and here) that have been set up to benefit Oliver’s Fund!  It’s a great idea and those scarves are absolutely gorgeous!


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  1. Oh I like that cable.
    And thanks for the H+M heads up… as a former NYC-area resident I have been feeling the loss. I prefer Zara, but its always nice to have choices in your dirt-cheap trendy clothes…

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