Playing Dress Up

Dressup It’s the 70s in the livingroom isn’t it!  I got the sewing urge the other day and broke out the Bernina to play with some 70s inspired polyester.  I’d hit the clearance aisle at Joann’s and took a liking to the print.  Retro, but not too over the top.  I took it down a notch even more by using the "wrong" side of the fabric as my right side.  The real right side is a bit brighter, but I liked the slightly more muted version.

Dress_drawing_4The pattern is from Burda Mode pattern magazine (not the sewing patterns from the fabric store), Burda World of Fashion, 2/2005, style #132.  It’s just a simple a-line, v-neck with 3/4 sleeves.  There are finished bands at the neck and arms to make the sewing a bit more challenging.  I took a photo of the line drawing in the pattern to give you a better idea of the styling but it’s a bit blurry.  As I’ve found with most Burda patterns, they’ve got more going on than you first notice.  There are little details that make the sewing interesting (and sometimes challenging).

If you’re wondering why I’m looking so stunned in my photo, I’m staring in amazement at the TV where my 49ers have just scored an actual touchdown.  Scarce, those.  They still lost, so I’ll make do with a new dress…


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  1. I wonder why this post is just showing as updated in Bloglines this AM?? Hmmmm.
    Oh yeah, baby. 70’s Diane von Furstenburg is what I’m channeling when I see that dress. Cute!

  2. It’s a fabby dress! I like how you describe getting a urge to play with some fabric, and you (whoops) end up with a dress. Me? I get the urge and end up with a pillow, that may or may not be symmetrical :-).
    Happy Turkey Day, and go 49ers!

  3. I was thinking D von Furstenburg too! (I used to hang sooo! many of those DVF dresses at Magnin’s). You go girl! I can hear that sewing machine a buzzing now!

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