1.5 Sleeves

Sleevie Despite reeling from the shock of the Jessica S and Nick L breakup (I did not see that coming), I did manage to push back from the Thanksgiving table to knit a few more rows on the sweet potato sweater.  As you can see, I have the makings of TWO sleeves, poised, ready to go.  I’ve even got TONS of yarn left over.  What does that mean to you.  Honestly, nothing.  To me, it means I can make TWO sleeves (with nice deep cuffs), a hood and more body (length–not a perm).  My plan is to keep knitting until I’ve got no more yarn.  That may create a sweater of unflattering length certainly, but that is my plan.  If I suddenly cease, that means the terrorists win.


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  1. What about Mr. Miagi?!?!?!!? He has waxed off for the last time. So saaad.
    I LOVE that magazines came out like FRIDAY saying Nick and Jess are as solid as EVER! LOL! Wonder how many people got fired for that!
    I’m with Norma, you crack me up!

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