Purple Balls


The holiday knitting, she begins…I’ve never really been much for the holiday knitting presents, perhaps because I don’t really knit for other people.  Most folks don’t understand/appreciate/wantP30_311 the effort of such a gift.  There are a few that do, which brings us to today’s purple ball entry.  One of my dear friends is always cold (like me) and asked for a small keyhole scarf (see picture to know what the hell I’m talking about) made of tweedy fiber.  Okay.  Then we happened to be in Stash in Berkeley, who cleverly situated themselves to an incredible bakery (forgot the name–good shit though), and plucked a ball of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed (color 117 potpourri) from the shelf to explain to me what kind of fiber she meant by "the kind with bits in it".  Noted.

Of course I couldn’t buy the fiber right there in front of her, that would ruin ANY element of surprise.  When I looked in my TWO (yeah we’ve got two now) local knit shops, I couldn’t find the yarn I wanted.  I did eventually order two skeins from Fuzzy Mabel who seemed to have it at my house in about ten minutes.  Love them.  (Nordstrom.com needs to learn a thing or two from them–I don’t like waiting a week and a half for my boots in my tiny little footbinding size dammit).

Pc020007Despite having one hundred and twelve knitting projects started as of now, I immediately swatched up.  Practically stepped on the sweet potato sweater in order to get to the needles.  Pretty.  I swatched, calculated, caston on (tubular man), ripped, re-cast on and got this far in just a couple of hours.  This is just an ideal present–it won’t take an age to knit and finish.  The recipient practically put the yarn in my handbag and the pattern is cast on 30 stitches…It will be compulsory to post a picture of yourself using the scarf as a one eyed Lone Ranger mask though.  Rules, must have them y’all. 


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  1. The bakery is La Farine – not that you need to know the name as you know how to get there. (I live about 2 blocks from it.) If you need more yarn “with bits” try Kathmandu dk and/or aran by Queensland Collection. It seems to be more readily available, and I would swear it comes from the same mill.

  2. you’re so damn fucking cute. 🙂
    miss you lots.
    even if i don’t write or call.
    yes i have some peppermint schnapps in my hot chocolate right now.
    you wanna make something of it????????

  3. Seriously, Silvia – is this yarn not driving you crazy?? (I’m hoping I just got a bad batch, but I’ve got two skeins here that have been ticking me off with the unevenly spun, possibly-inclined-to-break-off-at-any-moment nature of it.)
    I, too, love the nubby bits in spite of this crappy behavior.

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