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I love Japantown in San Francisco–I always have.  Why?  I don’t know, but they have the coolest stores (like the gallery that sells handmade ikebana vases that are too beautiful to use) and restaraunts and of course the Kinokuniya bookstore. I stopped by the other day and spent way to too long in the bookstore.  They play the most fabulous Japanese Christmas music–you know–all cute and happy and in English since it must be a relatively recent phenomena in Japan, no?

MultisweaterLest you think I understand even one word of Japanese, let me dispel that notion.  Nada chica.  Why do I own quite a few Japanese craft books?  Because they rock!  You can kind of figure out what’s going on from all the diagrams and arrows, plus if you have a brain in your head you don’t NEED every little thing spelled out for you.  Crikey, use it or lose it.  I digress.  I bought a fabulous knitting book, it also has crochet (don’t know how) and a few knit and crochet fusion sweaters.  See what I mean about that outside the box thinking.  Plus, check out that cool use of variegated yarn in the asymmetical sweater.  I love that.

FishiesOn the cute side, I bought a scrubby book!  Why, you ask?  Who doesn’t want to know how to make scrubbies shaped like fishies, or kitties or flowers?  Who I ask you!?

The third book is a gift for someone who doesn’t read my blog, so we’re pretty safe.  It’s all about wrapping in the Japanese style.  It’s amazing.  There are wraps for food and presents and chop sticks…everything.  All too beautiful to open.  No hacking off a piece of wrapping paper here and using a roll of tape.  Heck no.  I wonder how I’ll wrap it?  Any lame wrapping attempt will be that much more awful by the examples in the book.  Conundrum…


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  1. The amount of $$$ I spend on Japanese craft books is second only to yarn. It’s an illness, really. And trying to explain to someone why you harbor a stash of books in a language you clearly don’t speak garners you the same skeptical look as if they’d found your Plushie porn stash. Not than any of us has a Plushie porn stash to find. *Ahem*

  2. Thing the first: I’ve never been to Japantown in recent memory. Can we go sometime?
    Thing the second: scrubbies? Who are you, and where did you put Silvia??

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