Not abducted by aliens, thank you.

Pc060013_edited My sister thinks I’ve been abducted by aliens because I bought the cute scrubbie book in Japantown.  Did she even see the cute little fishy scrubbies?  I think she’s been spending way too much time in maximum security prisons (just visiting thanks) and it’s made her jaded.  To prove to her I’m still sane (without showing her my my new suede boots-calf size jealousy is so ugly) I will share my latest sock yarn purchase.  Yes, I finally bought a hank of Trekking 100 for ME.  I even bought it at the new yarn store in town, so really it was a community support thing, not a gratuitous yarn purchase.  No, not gifting it.  Me me me me me me me me.  It’s so Christmasy around here isn’t it?


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  1. Oh, I *did* see the fishy and liked it, but I still shake my head at the scrubby concept. Maybe as kitty-toy?
    Stig’s Trekking socks look really, really good. Definitely keep this one for you.

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