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Flore_tulip_234The other day my sister asked for hat suggestions for her newly discovered tiny head.  I’m sure she’s got scads of wonderful ideas from the blogosphere and beyond, but my suggestion was summarily dismissed!  Shwa?!  My suggestion was the Flore hat.  Yes, it is sized for infants and children, but people, it’s got the adult size right there at the end!  I adore this whimsical hat.  Just because your head’s cold, doesn’t mean you have White_ballto wear some fugly hippy-esque chapeau.  Voila!  Flore enters stage right.

Okay, five different colors of yarn are needed for this one.  Let’s see, I’ve got, uh, white.  Super.  It is the right gauge and it’s super duper soft blue faced leicester, left over from a year or so ago.  KoolaidWhat’s a girl to do?

Who guessed Kool-Aid?  Yes indeed, 10 for $1.  Just my price, though I did get a snarky comment from the supermarket gal as I had more than 10 items in the quick lane–uh, there’s no one behind me and 10 of my items are Kool-Aid.  If she wanted to discuss something, we could have talked about her unfortunate makeup–more is not better fyi.  Colored_ballsAnywho, I microwave dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid and a glug of white vinegar for about 7  minutes (starting with cold water) in a pyrex bowl.  The house did smell oddly fruity, though I think the pink lemonade smell was the nicest.  I rinsed and spun it out in the washer and look at what I got.  Fruity Pebbles blue faced leicester!

Now Claudia is truly going to think I’m nuts.  She thought I was kidnapped by aliens before because I bought the cute Scrubby book in Japantown, now she’s got evidence.  Fruity Pebble Kool-Aid evidence, but admissable in most jurisdictions.


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  1. I LOVE that hat, and the Koolaid yarn is fantastic! I really need to try that one of these days. WHen I do, I will have to consult you for more instructions…

  2. OK, that was just too cool. Or is that Kool? The colors really turned out great, and now, sigh, I have to do my own Koolaid adventure. The family will think I’ve finally rounded the bend…

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