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3_1 When my sister asked for suggestions for hat patterns for her melon, she got tons of good suggestions.  I suggested the Flore hat, and surprisingly she declined to take up my suggestion.  I guess she wanted to go a more dignified route.  Me, not so much.  I not only made this hat, I dyed the wool (leftover blue faced leicester, no less) with the most dignified of Koolaid varieties.

Flower_hat_3Well after a week of desultory knitting, the koolaid fruity pebbles flower hat is born.  Personally, I think this is one of the funniest hats I’ve ever made.  It’s also warm and soft and smells very faintly of fruit.  Yum.  The pattern isn’t very difficult, just kind of fiddly in the joining up.  After sewing and blocking, I thought it needed to be a bit smaller so I dunked it in water and threw it in the dryer for about 7 minutes.  It became a tad smaller and the stitches less defined, which is what I wanted.  I may repeat the process again after it’s fully dried.

You know, I’ve got enough yarn left over for another sister sized hat!  Maybe I’ll use the leftovers for some funky fair isle?  Hmmmm…the possibilities are endless.

**Added later:  My poor sister’s mature hat pattern is not working out for her.  Let’s all click over there to encourage her in some less serious hat making!

Also, my hat is made from blue faced leicester purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool from the sheep farmer.  It is rather hard to find commercially, but is the softest yarn ever.  For the enquiring minds who want to know if the hat is warm, it is indeed.  Those petals are layered upon eachother so there are two layers on my head for the majority of this hat.**

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  1. Love that hat!! The fact that you dyed the yarn yourself makes it even better!
    Did you say that you got the trekking sock yarn at the NEW shop? Would the be the one on the corner of Washington, and uh… Keller? I think it’s Keller anyhow.
    If so, I’m headed over there a.s.a.p.
    And here I thought I was behaving myself when I didn’t stop by at all this week, despite driving by there numerous times every day! (I work at PS To Go over on Kentucky Street!)

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