I am SO mature

Greencables4jpg I want to buy yarn. I really do.  Do I have a huge amount of fiber languishing in the garage yarn cellar?  Yes, thanks for asking.  Do I expect to find yarn under the Christmas tree in just a few days?  Yes, thanks for asking.  Have I actually finished anything to warrant me starting something new?  Why you gotta be so ugly.  You’re hurting the team.

Cut to the chase you say.  I want yarn for this sweater.  Why has this taken my fancy all of a frigging sudden?  No se.  Just has.  Perhaps it’s the pretty cables and chunky yarn, or maybe it’s just that Glampyre Stephanie looks like a million damn redheaded dollars in it.  I have no bulky yarn.  Nada.  Nix.  Nothing.  What I do have is a spanky new gift certificate to the beautiful Stash in Berkeley!  Oh yeah, my friends are the best.  Who knows, maybe I’ll be making a beeline to the Stash and bulk up.  Luckily, the fabulous bakery next door to Stash will make bulking up possible in mind and body.


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