Christmas Socks

Trekking_socks Although I’d wanted to have these socks (for me) done by Christmas, it actually took a couple of more days.  Never mind, they’re so cute I’ll forgive them.  These are Trekking colorway 100 socks and they’re so colorfully fabulous.  I was toying with the idea of making the color repeats the same in both socks, but they don’t seem to repeat in an orderly manner.  Clearly I was being way to tightassed in my thinking, so they’ve saved me from myself.  You’ll notice they’re the Sil special socks–picot edge with short-row heels and toes.  I used size 0 needles and 56 stitches to fit me.  Please remember a size 0 in my hands is like a 2 in "normal" tensioned knitters.

Shearling_yarn Are you wondering what I’ll do now that I’ve finished those socks.  Are you worried I’ll start a crime wave (aka Knitter Bandito) or do home invasions where I’ll force people to get rid of their ugly shit?  Nah.  Claudia came through with my Christmas present and I’ve got enough Phildar Castel and Phildar Bowling to make my shearling sweater!  Now this is one complex sweater and the instructions are in French only.  I speak NO FRENCH AT ALL!  None.  Super.  I do have a French-English dictionary, but I’ll probably have to post the odd phrase here for you bilingual smarty pants to translate pour moi.  If worse comes to worse I’ll make it up and expect y’all to humor me and tell me it looks fine.  Understand!?


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  1. I also have the yarn for that ‘shearling’, and I speak spanish but very little french..
    and I have been somewhat too stupefied by the relative complexity of the pattern. Also, bogged down by a lot of knitted gifts and projects. But I will start it up soon.
    I was hoping someone could translate it, surprised that Knityntime in Montreal did not offer a translation for it, but never mind, I will dive into it into it Jan ist or 2nd. There are some webpages that give one some french-english knitting keywords..
    Beautiful socks!
    good luck from another shearling befuddled hopeful in
    Hellay 😛 (los angelees) ~ Daniella

  2. Yep – mucho web sites out there to help you w. translating the pattern. Or (you probably know this one) Margaret Heathman’s, “Knitting Languages” might help. But heck, you might just be able to study it and figure it out yourself!

  3. J’adore le shearling sweater! I’m sure you will figure it out, you have made other Phildar sweaters from french instructions, non?
    I’ll be here watching and good luck!

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