She is not good…

The weather I mean.  The plan is to get to Tahoe for a few days…it’s raining…in freaking TAHOE!  In December/January!  Crazy huh?

I am also resolution free (see Claudia), so all I can do is wish all y’all a good weekend and New Year.  Me, I got an extra day off work!  Talk about starting the new year off right.  We were all supposed to come to work on Monday 1/2 and do inventory–but the owner of the business decided that since everyone and their brother was off that day, WTF–day off!  I’ve been off since the 22nd so it’s a total bonus score, no?  So inventory on 1/3 (can’t get around that) and one more day of sitting around in my jammies.

I promise to show progress on shearling sweater, I’ve begun clutching the French-English dictionary and am 7 cms into the back.  I’ve decided to do it a bit more free form since I don’t understand the directions completely.  There’s some bit about either marking the stitch for the princessline shearing stitches, but I figure I can knit the piece to the right dimensions and baste a colored thread where I want the princess seam to be and pick up and knit it there.  Charts!  Who needs stinking charts.  It’s actually much more relaxing to decide to go by the seat of your (adorable hip hugging) pants.  Check back in a couple of days to see if my ideas have panned out or just panned.  If worse comes to worse, I believe Jimmy Bean’s will come to my rescue with some diversionary project…heh heh heh.


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  1. Gosh darn it – I gotta!! stop clicking on these links…(thanks really!)
    Maybe resolution free New Years are the way to go – less stress on yourself. Enjoy the days off and thanks for the posting.

  2. I love how you work your way through patterns. Such a clever de-constructionist. And if that dictionary starts to fail you, write me 🙂

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