I resolve…

Images The way I figure it, this post could take a couple of different paths.  I could regale you with my litany of New Year’s resolutions that would make me and the world a better place, but I didn’t make any.  Never do.  Don’t believe in it.  I’m more of a "Just Do It" kinda gal.

Fluff_1 So plan B would be to regale you with my copious amounts of knitting progress.  Uh, yeah.  Another snag.  Not so much with the progress.  I HAVE made some progress on the fabulous shearing sweater from those geniuses at Phildar, but it would be one of those dull-ish game of inches photos.  Well okay, I’ll post one anyway because it’s all I’ve got.

What have I been doing with all those free minutes?  Apparently my sister’s neopolitan socks have reminded me of some candies our mom would buy at the QFI that were Finnish chocolate candies.  Not directly of course, it took much lateral thinking.  We loved them, and after much googling I believe they MAY be Fazer Finlandia or Fazermints.  Has anyone ever seen these in the Bayarea?  Tell me I don’t have to get these off the internet!  Please…


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  1. Well, I know that they weren’t mint filled, nor chocolate filled. I recall gooey vaguely fruity flavors. They were definitely individually wrapped cause I know I hid a bunch of wrappers when I’d make like a weasel and swipe ’em when I shouldn’t.
    I think I asked mother once, but she didn’t remember them.

  2. Are you sure they aren’t the Neapolitan candies Brach’s made/makes? The kind that are sold in bins at the store and you fill a little bag and get it weighed? Actually, I don’t know if they even sell them that way anymore..duh.

  3. i might be able to help you if you wanted to take a swing at trying the fazermints… i happen to have an extra box laying around! (dont ask, long weird story.) want?

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