Deliciously Loud


Despite having a perfectly nice sweater upon which to work, I decided to start a new carry-along project aka SOCKS.  Yup, it’s usually always socks.  I decided to use up some stash yarn that I bought on eBay one million years ago.  In fact, I lost the label so I don’t know who sold it to me or how much yarn I even have.  I seem to remember that it had something to do with jellybeans–like that was the colorway name or something.  Seems right, doesn’t it.  No need to point out that my storage system seems to have a few flaws.  Yeah, I know.

New_my_photo1Well I swatched, determined gauge and made three false starts before getting the size right.  Because I don’t know how much yarn I have, I divided the hank into two "equal" balls.  I didn’t measure, just squinted and hoped for the best.  To get around that little snafu of not knowing yardage, and not knowing how long to make these socks, I decided to make toe up socks.  I don’t often do this because it seems a bit fiddly.  I always have enough sock yarn because I have tiny little foot binding feet for a woman 5’6" tall.  In fact my sister and I often share leftover sock yarn because the tiny foot binding thing runs in the family.  As you can see, I’ve turned the heel and still have yarn left for a leg.  I think that can be categorized as a success.  Stay tuned for jelly bean feet.


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  1. I think, in the frenzy of re-organizing the Fiber Room (looks much better) that I just frogged your last toe-up attempt. It was a footie sock in a pale orange and yellow that was so old it was moldy.

  2. Hey! Nice color combo – you must have been in a bright yarn mood to pick this nice color combo out.
    If anything, your so called “flawed” storage system certainly yielded a nice surprise – my stash is the same and I kinda like a surprise once in awhile.
    thnaks for the post!

  3. Oh, *WOW*!! That is the best, most exciting example of flashing I have seen! No sarcasm; I love the pattern that’s coming through. Jealous. 🙂

  4. I don’t know why, but I think the colourway of your socks is funckily crazy! I divide sock yarns into 2 balls too. Do you know you can use a kitchen scale to weigh and divide a ball/hank/skein/whatever-the-name into 2 equal parts? It works well for me.

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