Daffodils and sports

Shearling The first daffodils are out in the parking lot at work!  Seems kind of globally warming early, doesn’t it?  And and I the only one switching between skating and football (I hope they let little Michelle on the Olympic team)?  Am I the normal demographic or what?  I’d give my kingdom for picture-in-picture…

Despite global warming, I still knit.  Check out the progress of my shearling sweater.  It’s not a hard sweater to knit so far, just a bit time consuming to figure out what the directions mean.  I like what’s happening so far, and I’ll probably baste in princess lines when I finish the other front piece–just because I can’t wait.  Also, I’m curious how my nobby yarn will treat me.  It’s a bit of a pain to work with but does an effective imitation of shearling.

Okay, now it’s back to first downs and salchows…


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  1. In my household, we divide the year into two seasons – Fooball and No Football. Except for those even-numbered years, which contain three seasons – Football, No Football, and Olympics.
    Mind you, it’s been a long dry spell here in SF. I say bring back the Mafia and Eddie De Bartelo!
    I enjoy your blog a lot. Thanks!

  2. I still cannot believe that you are knitting a pattern in a foreign language you do not speak. And now I can’t believe that you’ve gotten so far with it. I took French all through high school but I couldn’t read that pattern. How do you do it?

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