Top Sunday

New_top I took the football Sunday as an opportunity to break out the Bernina and sew up this top that I’d previously cut out.  It’s a black 1×1 baby rib with a white bit of fiber woven through to make it look tweedy.  I’ve had this material so long it’s impossible to say where it came from.  There’s a vague recollection that it came from a mill end store in Reno (my negative position on Reno remains the same), but don’t hold me to it.

The pattern is Burda #8122 view A and is rated easy.  It sure is.  Five easy pieces, with the hem and neck edges over-locked with woolly nylon.  To put it in perspective, it took me the same amount of time to make this top as it took the Colts to lose–and I stopped to eat.

Please note, I will wear this with a tank underneath and must remember that flash makes your bra color come to the fore…


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  1. You should be styling for celebrities — they often fail to realize that simple truth regarding bras/nipples and a flash fo a camera when on the red carpet…

  2. That top is adorable and looks great on you! I recently started sewing again, and my first pattern was a Burda “easy” pattern- and they didn’t lie. It was easy. Now I want to make that top… maybe I’ll start it while I watch the Steelers this weekend (sorry, I was born in Pittsburgh so I’m a Steelers gal).

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