Knitting Olympics

Knittingolympics1 Yarn Harlot Stephanie has created the Knitting Olympics and I’ve joined the masses in signing up.  Basically, you cast on during the opening ceremonies and can knit up to the extinguishing of the flame.  So from 10 February to 26 February.  Oh I can do that.  I signed up for Team California–okay I made up Team California and if I have time to skive off of work after lunch I’ll make a button.

I immediately thought of Tubey from the Knitty treasure trove.  It’s a creative pattern, but the knitting looks simple enough for TV watching, plus it’s in the round.  Almost idiot proof.  Check out the cute one made by Carrieoke for her equally gorgeous sister.  I must have one…So I’ll check out the garage yarn supply and see what I can come up with.  Stay tuned for Team California’s foraging in the garage…


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