First off, did everyone tune in to Jeopardy last night to watch the fabulous JStrizzy?  I found myself not only rooting for JStr, but heckling the other contestants.  Very nice.  I’m glad no one witnessed this spectacle.  Now I don’t want to spoil the surprise for those of you who haven’t watched it yet…look away now!  But, remember she’ll be on again tonight ’cause she tied the other gal (Eleanor – who I heckled mercilessly and mentally restyled her hair–it was bad)!  Crikes!  Good luck Strizzy!

Bagfabric If you’re wondering if I still craft-yes.  I am knitting the most boring sleeve in the world and, no I don’t have the heart to show you my inches of progress.  You’ll get a peek in when they’re completed.

I am slowly working on a bag!  I’ve been taken by the Amy Butler patterns after seeing the cute backpack Woolflowers Leigh had at NYS&W about 2 festivals ago (!).  So as you can see, I got right on that.  I want to make the Weekender Travel Bag.  I got the pattern from an eBay seller (no affiliation-just a satisfied customer), picked out some fabric (see my retro fabric!) and have been cutting out a bit a day.  I’ve found that doing a little bit a day is a great way for me to work on a big project.

If you’re wondering why this bad is a "big project", it’s actually rather involved.  The pattern calls for some "interfacing" that is rather like thin foam board, in addition to regular interfacing.  I’ve not started cutting that thick stuff yet–I’m putting that off.  You also need to make filled piping, not my favorite thing.  So slow and steady is my pace, plus the sewing up doesn’t look that hard.  I’d like to get it done in time for my trade show later this month.  I have to tote papers and catalogs around the convention center and I’d like to have a stylish bag with which to tote!  Vegas and stylish, two words you don’t really see together too often.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to make an Amy Butler bag for awhile, but heard the patterns were a little scary. You know I’m a bit shy about my sewing skills. (I love the new pillow pattern she has out too.) Dare I try? Maybe I’ll watch your progress to give me some courage.

  2. ummm yeah so between you and mariko I am LOVING the taste in fabric.
    Now if I wasnt so well shite at the sewing bit 🙂
    nope Ill just be over in the corner sitting jealous!

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