Interfacing or are you just happy to see me?

Pizza_purse Construction work has begun on the Amy Butler Weekender bag.  I’d been cutting the numerous layers of fabric, interfacing and lining out a bit at a time in the evenings.  I took Super Bowl as a sewing opportunity.

Aside #1:  the game itself was a bit dull, the ads were eh (Pepsi’s slogan of "brown and bubbly" made me queasy–didn’t they think about that?!?) and it’s sad when the Rolling Stones were a highlight.  Now, I don’t like the Rolling Stones, despite a few catchy songs in their 100 year career, but you could tell they were no strangers to arena shows.  So props to them for working that huge room.  I also liked the parade of MVPs, but I’m a sucker for nostalgia.  Also, did that mean that every single MVP is still alive?  I lost count.

Cording_cross Right, now back to the crafting.  The photo above shows how stiff the Timtex interfacing is.  It’s kind of a cross between foam board and fiberglass insulation.  But as you can see in the eerie UFO picture of the side of the bag above, that shit works as advertised.

One also spends an awful long time making filled piping and applying to seemingly every edge.  You’ll run through alot of thread machine basting here.  Really, I had to fill the second bobbin already!  Here is the careful piping crossover join at the bottom of the main panel of the bag.

Purse_sides The pattern itself really isn’t hard, so if you want to make one of these go for it!  The directions are really detailed–this is annoying to me since I don’t really need that level of detail–just cut to the chase, but if you’ve never made a bag or just not confident, those directions will take care of you.

As you can see, I’ve made a fair amount of progress in one afternoon.  The sides are piped and constructed and I began the zipper piece.  I should have this puppy done in time to take to Magic in Vegas to tote my crap around in–fashionably of course.


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  1. Looking good! And while it annoys you — I am glad to hear that the pattern is very detailed. I may give it a try!
    And I’m so glad you posted the progress pics! It’s nice to see it come together. It really does give me the drive to go out there and make a bag myself.

  2. I thought they lacked one or two MVP’s in the early years, but was glad to see Bart Starr and Namath were there! We cut out quilt blocks during the game.
    What will you wear with the splendid bag???

  3. OMG! I have that SAME fabric stashing away in a closet. It’s intended use is throw pillows for my sofa. If I make them up in the somewhat near future I’ll send pix.

  4. They don’t kid around with that Timtex – it’s some seriously stiff stuff. I’ve made a couple Amy Butler bags and generally like them. I’m anxious to see how you like this one. Are you interested in joining a skirt sew-along (not like you need the moral support), but we’re having one from Feb. 15 – March 20 if you’re interested.

  5. That bag looks killer! I have several Amy Butler patterns and have enjoyed making all but one of them. Might have to get that pattern too! I love your comment on my blog about living in each other’s negative space. Don’t feel bad about teasing me about the snow – it was beyootiful here when you got all that rain. Hee har! Isn’t it amazing how important food becomes in our lives? For 9 years in SF I couldn’t get a decent goddam bagel or bowl of matzo ball soup. Now that I’m here, I can’t get a decent burrito. My friends are all revved up about Chipotle – and their burritos SUCK!

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